Imre Bukta
Jaar Titel  
2004 Hungary Festival

Simple, strong signs. Simple, everyday things. man, woman, house, an obviously cultivated tree, a park. A bending road in the wood. Bukta takes hold of the reality in these paintings on its very level, where we talk about it, where we understand it without any difficulty. We do not have to think much about what his motives are: his paintings are populated with familiar objects. A man stands for a man, a sign for a sign. After the beginning there are a number of possibilities for contemplation and - unfashionable as it is nowadays - lyric. The signs of the sign language, and his brownish, bluish landscapes defining, pointing at a place, at a region on the earth, that is so familiar to us, and which - with the power of this designation - could become home. And now, in this scene of our life, Evil appears: the heaps of rocks, common objects of landscapes play this role, menacing with their brutal forms the inner peace of this paintings. We are very close here to the idea of the Baroque naturalism: the principles of the divine spheres of the universe can be seen even in the smallest, most insignificant, most ordinary thing."

text by Koppany Varga