Zaida Oenema
Year Title  
2015 Born of Concentration
Year Title
2014 Art Rotterdam
2012 Different Dimensions II
2011 Art Amsterdam
Year Title
2014 ART 2014
2008 Sesamstraat
Zaida Oenema (1980) shows moments from ordinary every day life (actions, objects, thoughts) which she modifies just enough for them to lose their logic and normality. Her photo and video work is characterized by a dry sense of humor in which we see how individuals function within contemporary society full of unwritten and written rules, conventions, expectations and assumptions.

Her work deals with the ways in which the result of this behavior, way of thinking or self expression might deviate from the social norm. It also focuses on the pressure that can be experienced because of these norms (Ways in which other people view the subject or person in question, and how the subject or this person then copes with this pressure).

With video, photography and sound, she documents the scenarios and usually performs as the main character. The work is based on her personal experience, that of people of her immediate environment, and on information gained from (scientific) research.

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- Primary Colours

composition with Yellow, Blue and Red

composition with Red, Green and Blue

composition with Cyaan, Magenta, Yellow and Black