Hans Verweij
Year Title  
2008 New Paintings
2006 Just Painting
2005 New Paintings
Year Title
2016 "Up Memory Lane (Part I)"
2012 Different Dimensions II
2009 Kaleidoscope III
2009 Zomeropstelling / Summer Exposure
2009 Art Amsterdam
2007 Art Amsterdam
Year Title
2008 -interieurs-
2004 Hans Verweij
2003 Mijn plaats aan tafel Anna
Year Title
2008 -interieurs-
Opening speech citation by Rien Vroegindeweij:' What can you say, as speaker, about Hans Verweij. He himself is a man of few words. At times he is not adverse to placing a telling remark about art in general, but you have to be very persistent for him to tell you something about his own work. And if you succeed, what do you get to hear? A painting is a piece of linen covered with paint. That’s all and that’s the way it will stay. And yet a painting is more than that. This is the point that talking should stop and looking commences. About which one cannot speak, one should be silent. Where speech stops, observation begins. On the other hand, Hans Verweij is indeed a man of words, but of the written word. I know him as a great admirer of world literature, as an astute and critical reader. And that is a talent that can be said to be unique amongst visual artists. C. B. Vaandrager described him as the intelligent painter in his novel ‘De Hef’ and Bob den Uyl wrote in the essay collection ‘ A roving existence’ (1977) about the eminent artist J.C. Verweij who made his reputation in one go with the stunning remark: Art is fake. What kind of artist is Hans Verweij actually? In a material sense, there is a simple answer: a draughtsman and a painter. Paper, pen, ink, canvas, brush, oil paint. Those are the materials with which he works, or rather, with which he has arranged his life from an early stage onwards.'

Translation: Mirjam Hoekman