Désirée de Baar
Year Title  
2011 RAM in the Studio of..
2007 "Behangwerken" - Installation #2
2007 Art Rotterdam
2005 ‘Bathroom'
Year Title
2017 "Up Memory Lane"
2015 "And the Livin' is easy"
2013 Art Rotterdam
2012 Korenbeurs Schiedam
2012 Different Dimensions II
2010 Art Rotterdam
2009 Zomeropstelling / Summer Exposure
2009 Art Amsterdam
Year Title
2009 Untitled
2013 "model Shells I (Regelbau 501, schaal 1:
The installation “Bathroom” in the Project Room is her second architectural knitting project. It zooms in on details of our daily surroundings; in this case a bathroom. In this small space you can step inside the installation as it were. The space is defined by blueprint-like one-on-one drawings and knitted pieces. The tactility of the knitted pieces is emphasized by the exactness of the architectural drawings. The soft wool and the boldly drawn lines define the space together. Knitting spaces has become a kind of language. It represents a way of observing objects that surround you. It forces you to focus on details. By observing and measuring meticulously, the space is scanned. After this, it is converted to knitting patterns and finally to wool. The slowness and the technical attention needed for the work, is crucial. Observe carefully, up close and with great attention.

Translation: Mirjam Hoekman