Patrick Merckaert
Year Title  
2006 Preview
2004 Preview
2002 Integration
1992 Always
Year Title
2016 "Up Memory Lane (Part I)"
2008 Kaleidoscope 2
1996 Art Brussels
1996 Philadelphia
Year Title
2001 Patrick Merckaert
2001 Patrick Merckaert
1994 Patrick Merckaert
1993 Ruimtelijke integraties
Year Title
1990 Untitled
1992 Always
1992 Always 1+2
1992 lch glaube heute ist Neumond
1995 Great Expectations
1993 ruimtelijke integraties
A Belgian artist, who labels his work integrations. Several of these integrations have been exhibited at RAM in the past.
He mainly makes installations using various media such as video stills, text and audio. Apparently, he is capable of subtly transforming a tangible piece of art into another medium. The transformations, which make optimum use of the space, sometimes function as a catalyst full of contrast. Probing the environment can evoke sentiments that cannot readily be understood: duality, ambivalence, silence and transparency.

translation: Ana Bishop