Mirjam Hoekman
Year Title  
2003 'Holland house'
2001 Garden of desire
2001 Different People II
1995 The Mother of the Gods
Year Title
2017 "Up Memory Lane"
2016 "Up Memory Lane (Part I)"
2010 Art Amsterdam
2008 Kaleidoscope 2
2007 Art Rotterdam
1997 Art Brussels
1996 Philadelphia
1995 Art Chicago
1995 Art Brussels
Year Title
2007 Mirjam Hoekman
Year Title
2004 Music of Spheres
As the human body continuously changes, from fetus to greybeard, so does our perception of the world around us change. Day by day the world as we perceive it is shaped by our emotions, experiences, culture and expectations. Mirjam Hoekman is fascinated by this state of flux. Her work reflects this fascination. Ovid in his Metamorphosis, speaks of ' the soft wax that is continuously sculpted into new forms, but remaining in essence the same wax.' The 'wax' in Hoekman's work is the underlying concept, which does not change; sorrow and joy, destruction or creation. What does change continuously is the form of the artworks themselves. Sculptures and paintings, two manifestations of an endless fascination with the flow of the past that underlies the present.

Translation: Mirjam Hoekman