Anne van de Pals
Year Title  
2008 About obstacles and displacements
2006 Preview
2005 Drawings
2004 Sculptures of textile
Year Title
2017 "Up Memory Lane"
2011 Art Amsterdam
2009 Kaleidoscope III
2009 Zomeropstelling / Summer Exposure
2007 Art Amsterdam
Early in 2002 Anne van de Pals started with the (as she calls it) second blanket period. Just like Daphne who fled and during her flight changing into something quite alien to her; a bay tree. Just so do Anne’s blankets stiffen after the first impairment and become something uncomfortable. The wool grew organically into a hanging, outreaching, bed/litter construction that are mindful of protruding organs and proliferation of intestines. Basically, she searches for solutions to that what she experiences of life. Often this is related to bodily experiences but there are also childhood experiences within a catholic, rural environment. Themes in her work are fears, life, death and mortality; often within the same surface skin.

Translation: Mirjam Hoekman