Monique Benthin
Year Title  
2002 'One morning I woke up and photographed heaven'
2002 Preview
Year Title
2017 "Up Memory Lane"
Year Title
2002 Heaven
Until recently, the work of Monique Benthin mainly consisted of staged photo works in which human body wrapped in textile seems to float in a space. The imaginary world she creates with these images cannot be held up to a verifiable reality. They offer the means to visualize her own world. She sees these works as a refection on current society and questions of ‘identity’ and ‘emotion’ are important starting points. Early in 2002, Monique began to experiment with her so called ‘Caleido’ photographs. She photographed the sun, the fascinating source of life and warmth on earth. By using a special form of photography she strives to capture the sun’s magic. At RAM, in the context of ‘Rotterdam Photo’ she made an installation in the Project Room with this new work. With this installation she wants to evoke fascination and wonder. A special edition has been brought out about the installation.

Translation: Mirjam Hoekman