Jeanne van Heeswijk
Year Title  
2011 RAM in the studio of ...
2010 Citizens' Tales
2006 Some 7
2006 Some 7
(Art Rai Presentation)
Year Title
2017 Art Rotterdam
2014 Art Rotterdam
2013 Art Rotterdam
2012 Korenbeurs Schiedam
2012 Different Dimensions II
2008 Art Rotterdam
Year Title
2011 Amnesie van een landschap
2007 Systems
2007 Het Dwaallicht van Nieuw Crooswijk
2005 De Strip
2003 Een huis voor de gemeenschap
2000 I am looking for space and fortune.
Year Title
1993 Room with a view
2013 "Bricks for London", Anfield 2012
Jeanne van Heeswijk (1965, Schijndel, the Netherlands)

Since 1993 Jeanne van Heeswijk has been working on socially committed art projects that take place in public spaces. She sees herself as a mediator, an intermediary between a situation, a space, a neighbourhood and the people connected to these. Acting, meeting and communicating are key concepts in her method of working. She generates 'interspaces', contexts and crossovers within which new relations and connections can be established between groups of people, institutions and conceptual frameworks that are always different. She herself has coined the term 'urban curating' for her interventions. In the sedate Dutch art world in which all taboos appear to have been broken, her work - uniquely - arouses fierce controversy. Often, this is linked to the question of whether her interventions belong to the realm of art and how she stretches and shapes her art practice/ artistic strategy and positions her seemingly idealistic approach in an era which considers itself liberated from both ideology and idealism. (Excerpt from a text by curator Mirjam Westen in 2003)