Co Westerik
Year Title  
2006 Prints
2005 Project Rotterdam
2004 Tribute to Co Westerik (80 years)
2004 Art Rotterdam
2002 Drawings
2001 Different People II
Year Title
2017 Art Rotterdam
2017 "Up Memory Lane"
2012 Different Dimensions II
2008 Kaleidoscope 2
1998 Art Brussels
Year Title
2006 Co Westerik. Grafiek / Prints
2006 Co Westerik
1999 Co Westerik. Zelfportretten 1946-1999
For Co Westerik paper is the ideal medium on which to express subtle emotions like fear, sorrow and loneliness. Within his substantial body of works therefore a key role is played by the drawings and water colors. He himself says about his work; “ The ultimate goal is a strong motivation to achieve and manifest something that was hidden before. Making an underlying reality visible is an important mainspring of my work.”

Translation: Mirjam Hoekman