Rolf Engelen
Year Title  
2010 Drawings
2010 Het Consulaat
2009 Art Rotterdam
2007 New works
2006 Preview
2005 Project Rotterdam
Year Title
2017 Art Rotterdam
2017 "Up Memory Lane"
2015 "And the Livin' is easy"
2013 Art Rotterdam
2012 Korenbeurs Schiedam
2012 Different Dimensions II
2011 Art Amsterdam
2009 Kaleidoscope III
2009 Kunst Kickoff
2008 Crossing Directions
2007 Kaleidoscope
2005 KunstRai
Year Title
Year Title
2001 untitled
2004 Drilled Drawing
2005 Drilled Drawing
2009 Antenna
The eclecticism of Rolf Engelen’s work makes it impossible to encapsulate in a single word. He works in the public space, in project-based contexts as well as on commission, and he is involved in several collaborative ventures that operate in the fields of social sculpture and language. He also produces autonomous work. Engelen was the co-founder of Museum Van Nagsael, the smallest museum in the world, and the initiator of the ‘Tweedekansplant-bedrijf’ (Second-Chance Plant Company), which has been saving and reviving plants thrown out with the household garbage since 1997. He often involves the public in his working process, such as the residents of a neighbourhood for which he is creating a sculpture. The principle of gift-giving plays an important part in this.