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  Libia Castro & Ólafur Ólafsson
  Madeeha Khan & Fleur Stoltenborgh
  Hajnal Nemeth
  Lisa Gliederpuppe
  "And the Livin' is easy"
  Art Rotterdam
For Karin Arink, the art work is an object the spectator can identify with, to the extent of the art work becoming a carrier of a new experience. A metamorphosis of the ‘normal’ modes of body and being. Her works depart from the different ways in which we manifest our selves: through body (posture), garments and language - and she manipulates these forms until appearing and being align as one, in a new shape. The textured surface of her works is important: shiny and folded, transparent and massive: tactile information shaping the experience. The artwork as a being, relating to our modes of existence, our states of self.

For Art Rotterdam 2015 she will present work reflecting on the fragmented states of self of the star(fish), which can reproduce by dividing itself into fragments, as reframed from her artistic practice.
  Paul Cox
  Zaida Oenema