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Ahmet Polat is awarded prize
Ahmet Polat (1978,NL) is awarded prize for promising young photographer by the International Centre for Photography in NYC. On 15 May the Dutch photographer Ahmet Polat was given the Infinity Award by he International Centre for Photography. Founded in 1974 by Cornell Capa, the ICP is based in New York and includes a school, museum, library and a collection building institute. Besides, the ICP organizes events, such as the Infinity Awards. The Infinity Award may be regarded as a symbolical incentive for young promising photographers . Though symbolical the prize should not be discarded. Afterall, with its facilities, including a museum, it could create interesting opportunities for a young promising photographer. Together with Lee Friedlander (Life Achievement Award), and Don McCullin ( Cornell Capa Award) Ahmet Polat was handed out the prize at a gala-night. The works of Polat are printed on classical barite paper. The characteristic black and white photographs originate from an attempt to understand the social implications of a society by being open to the emotions of others. Polat is known for his social commitment. Therefore his work is linked up with social projects. His appreciation of Henri Cartier-Bresson becomes clear in the following quote: "It's not about photography, it is all about life". Polat sees photography as an abstraction, that may stop time and show the viewer a personal framework of reality. He is not looking for sensation, but for stills. In his work a particular composition and alienation may be discerned. At the moment RAM stages an exhibition with works of Ahmet Polat, showing photographs of the 'Gurbetci' project and the 'Haagse Schilderswijk' project.
Ahmet Polat is awarded prize