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New RAM Editions
RAM regularly publishes editions. The latest editions of Chantal van Heeswijk, Freek Drent and Tomas Schatz were developed in relation to an exhibition in cooperation with the artist. The " dyslectische kast" (7) of Chantal van Heeswijk came into being during a presentation in last Spring. Similarly, the editions of Freek Drent were made as a result of his presentation of collages on Art Rotterdam. Also the cartoon film of Tomas Schatz was shown on Art Rotterdam, which is currently on show in the Stedelijk Museum of Schiedam. These editions may be seen in the gallery till 21 August. See for earlier editions: Some of them are still available! Until 21 August all rooms of RAM will be occupied by ramfoundation. As such Kees Verschuren will show " Digiweefsels", Yvette Poorter will show a cooperative project " In Situ" in Rotterdam and Alexandra Engelfriet will show photograghs of her project on the Wadden Sea. see ramfoundation
New RAM Editions